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Myriad of Rights

Create a word-processing document (e.g. Microsoft Word) with the following formatting guidelines:
1-2 pages
Times New Roman 12-point font
1″ margins
Briefly explain the difference between “process rights” and “substantive rights”.
How do Courts decide whether a person has received “due process”? Cite any applicable Supreme Court cases.
Can a private person ban people of a certain race from entering their home under the Equal Protection Clause?
For each of the following, identify the proper standard of review, and take your best guess as to how the State would fare in Court:
A state law that pegs the drinking age at 21 for males and 18 for females.
A state law requiring that people with low IQs cannot serve in state government.
A state law saying that all public universities have to have at least 20% African American students in its student body.
A state law prohibiting the illiterate from sending letters to state government officials.
A law to temporarily confine all members of a certain religion to internment camps during times of War.
What type of restrictions are legislatures allowed to put on speech?
The Baltimore Sun publishes a piece saying that the Mayor accepted bribes. The information turned out to be false, though the Baltimore Sun did not know it was false when they published it. Can the Baltimore Sun be sued for defamation?
A man at a political rally in a small town says, “Someday, I hope we’re able to shoot those members of Congress in the face!”. Is this constitutionally protected speech?
What in the Constitution did the Supreme Court say gave rise to the general right to privacy?

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