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Natural Disaster Research Paper

Research Paper Requirements: 1. Include 1500 minimum to 2000 maximum words without title and references. 2. Double-spaced. 3. You must cite your references using the APA or MLA reference style.


1. Choose a natural disaster (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc.) discussed in any section of your textbook. Briefly describe the disaster (1 paragraph). Explain how humans predicted the disaster 100 years ago, today, and what are the expectations of future predictions. Discuss precursors, the use of technology, and the ability to determine exact locations or the expected scale of the event.

2. Next, find two different countries that have been affected by the disaster you chose and summarize a specific event of the same type of natural disaster for each of these countries.

3. Discuss the event effects. Why did the event had these effects? Where there any mitigation efforts?

4. Be sure to include if the country never fully recovered, recovered somewhat, or completely recovered. How long did recovery take? Include recovery costs in terms of life, physical possessions, money, etc.

5. What were the government’s mitigation efforts? Where they successful? Why or why not?

6. How can the country reduce its risk of being affected by the disaster?

7. What was the approximate population of the country when those disasters hit the country? What is their current population?

8. What are the impacts the events had on society and in history?

For each of the 2 countries answer the following:

1. What is their current population?

2. What other Natural Disasters have commonly impacted these countries (you can include disease).

3. What are the projected population levels for these countries for the future, such as 2050? What are the implications of this for future natural disasters?

4. Compare and contrast how each country was affected/handled the event. Why do you think those similarities and differences came about?

5. You must have citations within the paragraphs

6. Include at least one figure ( Picture, chart..) that helps illustrate your analysis. Include a caption and citation with all figures.

7. Use examples, real data, statistics, etc. to support your answers along with a reference list and citations.

Assignments that are cut and pasted (more than 20% even with citations and quotation marks) will not be accepted

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