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Need Analysis: Human Resource

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Description of the task:

Both parts of the assessment in this unit relate to an organisational case study. You will be provided with relevant materials about an organisational case study. The case study will outline current challenges facing the particular organisation and/or industry sector. You will use this information to examine how what we are learning in this unit applies in the real world. You can select an organisation of your choice if you prefer – please discuss this option with the Unit Coordinator. Your aim is to identify the key organisational issues and assess what the implications are for the development of human resources in the case organisation. You should to demonstrate firstly your understanding of contemporary HR Development issues, before secondly applying this knowledge to the case organisation. You will present your analysis as a written report and discuss your findings in class.

Steps in the process:

  1. You will conduct your strategic Human Resource Development needs analysis as the first Assessment Item. You consider the business requirements and determine what the strategic Human Resource Development needs are in this organisational case study. Your analysis of needs is based on your understanding of the material covered in the unit, and your understanding of the case organisation.
  2. Your report needs to demonstrate your understanding of contemporary HRD issues , and the application of this knowledge to identify relevant strategic Human Resource Development needs in the case organisation.


Target Audience:

You are writing the analysis for presentation to the HRD Manager in your case organisation. This means you do not need to describe the organisation in detail but you can provide a brief overview and summary of the key issues to show the HRD Manager that you understood their business.

Report structure


The introduction should:

  • discuss the importance or significance of the research or problem to be reported
  • define the purpose of the report
  • outline the issues to be discussed (scope)
  • inform the reader of any limitations to the report, or any assumptions made.

Discussion or body

This contains the main substance of the report, organised into sections with headings and subheadings rather than paragraphs. The body of a report can include the following:

  • A description of the issues (Knowledge management, Workplace learning, Technology, make versus buy training & development ) or situation which is being reported on . This may include a literature review of the research on that issue.
  • .1 Literature review, Discussion and analysis of
  • 1 Issue 1
  • 2 Issue 2
  • 3 Issue 3



This summarises the key findings from the discussion section and may be numbered here for clarity. Relate your conclusion to the objectives of the report and arrange your points logically so that major conclusions are presented first.


These are subjective opinions about what action you think could be followed. They must be realistic, achievable and clearly relate to the conclusion of the report.

Reference list

This must contain all the material cited in the report. It must be accurate and consistent with a standard APA referencing style.

Important Notes


 Full critical exploration of Strategy Human Resource Development theories, issues and approaches is demonstrated through discipline knowledge that is well-researched, current and comprehensive.

 Superior analysis is conducted of the relevant critical issues present in the case organisation. The analysis also demonstrates an exemplary understanding of the current business strategy and the Strategy Human Resource Development issues relating to the strategy.

 The analysis is professionally presented with substantial attention to detail and high standards of written expression and grammar. It is well structured, coherent, with logical organisation

 Well-judged and well-integrated selection of a quality range of sources to support content; all sources appropriately acknowledged; referencing consistently accurate

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