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Part 1: Neurological

List the risk factors for cerebrovascular accidents and why?
What cultures are at higher risk and why?
Describe the 0 to 4+ scale for scoring deep tendon reflexes.
What would you expect to find in a patient with diabetic peripheral neuropathy?
Share any experience you have encountered and elaborate.
Part 2: Genitalia

Identify and explain positions other than the lithotomy in which a pelvic examination can be performed.
Why are women at a higher risk of UTI than males?
What would you educate to decrease the risk of UTI?
Summarize the pros and cons of newborn circumcision.
Describe the following signs on a female examination:
Name the characteristics of the following type of hernias:
Indirect inguinal
Direct inguinal
500 words, formatted and cited in proper current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

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