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Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as a method of collecting or generating data

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Education Essay
The requirement:
Choose a method of collecting or generating qualitative data that interests you. Design a small piece of data collection related to an aspect of education that is of interest in your work place. Trial this method of data collection and analyse this trial in terms of
• your own developing expertise as a user of the method
• the strengths and limitations of the method
• consideration of how you might develop your use of this method in future work
Guide to length: 3000 words
Marking Criteria:
• Critical analysis of the method considered. Tight focus on method, rather than research topic
• Critical and reflective use of a range of literature in developing your themes
• Reflective insight into the strengths, limitations and use of the method

Now, I have selected NGT as a method of collecting or generating data.

Please note:
1) Do not use questionnaire
2) NGT for researching is necessarily different from the original conception of its use for managerial decision-making. So, write accordingly.
3) Use references for whatever you say.

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