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In the below passage, “nunnery” is repeated about five times. Based on the events that precede the below interaction between Hamlet and Ophelia, explain in 25-50 words the symbolic significance of “nunnery.” 
Write a 500-word essay that analyzes how the “nunnery” symbol illuminates your reading of Hamlet. Start by framing a thesis statement (claim) that reflects the referenced symbol and serves as an organizing principle for the analysis. Highlight your thesis and begin every paragraph with a topic sentence.  In your analysis, you should feel free to identify themes, incidents, or even other symbols in the text that align with the “nunnery” symbolism. The goal of your analysis is to enrich your reader’s (and your own) understanding of the play.
No secondary sources are allowed for this analysis; you should rely solely on the assigned text, Hamlet.

Use Hamlet, Act III. Sc I

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