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Please read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and review Part I pp. IX–93 and Part II pp. 97–165 reading selections from this week and last week.

Describe, in one paragraph, the primary thesis of Man’s Search for Meaning and how Frankl’s theory on Logotherapy was developed.
How is nursing theory similarly developed?
How is this book and Logotherapy relevant to nursing theory and development? Make a connection between Frankl’s experiences and his observations on meaning-making amidst his suffering and how his story relates to other nursing theorists, their observations, and their experiences that led to the development of their theories. Provide 1–2 examples of nursing theory relevance.
Discuss the book’s relevance and provide examples to nursing knowledge and advanced practice.
What is your opinion of the book?
Assignment Details
3- to 4-text pages (not including the title and reference pages), written in current APA format. Your paper must be double spaced, and you must use an APA approved 12–point font.
Please provide a title and reference page.

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