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Nursing and Midwifery: CC Report

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NURS3005 Assignment 2- CCC Report Guidelines
Weighting: 40% (2500 words)
Details: This academic paper requires students to write – up the patient presented at their Clinical Case Conference (CCC) to their Nurs3005 PEP facilitator and present it as a detailed report. There must be analysis of the patient’s medical condition(s) demonstrating the ability to apply theoretical concepts including (but not limited too) pharmacology; pathophysiology; anatomy and physiology. There must be presentation and evaluation of nursing and medical management of the patient.
Sound clinical rationales must be provided that support the care afforded the patient. Appropriate evidence sources must be used and Harvard referencing used throughout. Students are encouraged to write up this report prior to undertaking their CCC presentations. For specific details please refer to the marking rubric. The CCC Report must be submitted via FLO.
Please use the format below.

Introduction: (150 words)
Introduction of an assignment requires mapping out the essay, outlining your reader the main argument points in the essay. The following should be included:
 Introduction of the assignment content.
 Introduction of the case including biographical data, current and past medical history of the patient.
 Patient confidentiality needs to be maintained all times.
Case Management: (1250 words)
This section should address the current nursing management and the interdisciplinary management that is provided for the patient. This includes;
 patient’s medical condition(s), including relevant pathophysiology
 clinical assessment using (IS)BAR, or a system – based approach, explanation of how nursing management relates to medical management with clear clinical rationales provided, role of interdisciplinary team involvement explained and primary health care strategies described.
 Medical management and treatments described including all relevant pharmacological, non-pharmacological treatments, pain management explained and clear clinical rationales provided.
 Relevant Laboratory results /Diagnostic tests included and discussed.
 Psychosocial / Environmental / Economic aspects discussed
 Ethical and legal aspects included
 Education needs of patient /family addressed
 Discharge Planning addressed
Establishing the evidence supporting the current practice (1000 words)
 Description of how research findings/recent evidence selected is relevant to the case management.
 Comparison and critique of the management / nursing care of the case against best practice literature included.
 Suggestions of alternative management / nursing care
 All the articles selected needs to be primary or secondary research articles (peer reviewed).
Summary and Conclusion (100 words)
This section should provide a summary of the of the crucial aspects of the case that is presented and overall conclusion. No new information or references are required in this section.
Academic writing involves using sound evidence to support and strengthen your own arguments. This assignment needs researching broadly, and skilfully from correctly (Harvard) cited credible sources which were mainly published between 2006-2016.
Peer reviewed research articles, scholarly articles, reference textbooks can be used.
Articles from these publications are usually NOT academic:
•magazines and trade journals
•articles without a bibliography

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