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Nursing Reflective Assignment

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1. APA 6th reference need at least 15 reference within 8 years

2. assignment needs to be refer to marking rubric

3. there is two topic you can choose, but i prefer the second one “discuss why communication, respect and trust are critical principles for inter-professional collaboration”

4. This assignment needs to include introduction, reflection (reflection on one specific event that highlights the interdisciplinary team. a structured reflective process is applied, the specific event you mention need to be from our student nurse view), discussion, recommendations for future practice and conclusion (if you not clear what i have said, you can look at marking rubric) thanks

5. some tips from teacher “brief description of reflection. use a lot literature to identify what work well and what didn’t around teamwork and inter professional”
“identify in your clinical practice episode into inter professional practice. so when you work with doctors, pharmacist, OT….reflect how well that team work together. what make them work well together and what make them did not work well together, why not work well together?”

Assessment Task 1: Learning Project Details of task: The purpose of this assessment is to get you thinking about your role as a Division 1 registered nurse within an interdisciplinary team.
Word Limit: 2500 words Value: 45%
Presentation Requirements: ? Leave a 4 cm margin on the left side of the page with double line spacing. ? Pages should be numbered and be in the footer. You must have a title page ? You must use subheadings to develop your paper and ensure you address each question.
Objectives: This assignment is looking to see that: ? You understand the role, benefits and limitations of interdisciplinary teams in healthcare,
? You can critically reflect on your own actions and experiences and learn from them, and ? You are able to relate these experiences to theories, concepts and ideas from the literature.
***Details of task: This assessment task requires you to submit a critical, reflective and analytical report on the role of the interdisciplinary team in healthcare practice choosing one of the two topics below:
1. The discipline of nursing has one of the highest number of practitioners. What, if any, responsibilities might this mean for nurses to ensure they collaborate in an interprofessional manner? OR
2. Discuss why communication, respect and trust are critical principles for interprofessional collaboration.
In addressing either of the above topics draw upon and reflect on your own experience of working within an interdisciplinary team and how this has influenced your understanding of your role as a Division 1 registered nurse. Make links between your experience of teamwork, and the elements discussed in the literature. Your report should include sections identified by headings and subheadings, including: ? Introduction to the assignment ? Reflect succinctly on a specific event that you have experienced, which highlights different (positive or negative) aspects of interprofessional practice, and how this impacts on management of patients? health. Your reflections should demonstrate a structured reflective process, using one of the two frameworks described below: o Framework 1: ? Objective description of what happened (Third person; include brief background to the team ? who was involved, and their role, what, where, when ? then present the key aspects of the event) ? Subjective evaluation (what I thought, how I felt about the event ) ? Analysis (what worked well, what didn?t work ? and why? What does the literature say?) ? Conclusions or alternatives (What else could have been done? What does the literature say?)
? Implications for my practice (What have I learned from this experience? How has this prepared me for practice?)
o Framework 2: You can follow the Gibbs reflective cycle.
? Brief overall discussion on your reflection in the context of your chosen topic. (Which aspects of teamwork are the most important/beneficial? How will your collective experiences enhance your practice as a nurse? How will your findings contribute to the management of your patients? health? ) ? Recommendations – state three pieces of advice would you give to a nursing student about to enter their graduate year, relating to interdisciplinary teams, based on what you have learned here? These can be presented as bullet points, with brief explanations, and at least one reference/piece of ?further reading? for each). ? Overall conclusion – brief summary of what you were addressing in the assignment, why interprofessional collaboration is important in the clinical setting. ? Reference list – integrate appropriate information or ideas from at least 12 peer- reviewed journal articles into your paper Note: questions suggested are examples ? you do not necessarily need to answer all of them for each section. Some tips: Before beginning, you should identify a specific event (these can be ?and often are- things that happened in a moment; they don?t have to be long term) to focus on. This event should relate to different aspects of teamwork in an interdisciplinary team and should relate to patient health in some way. Choose events that resonate with you, that you remember clearly, and that allow you to discuss the role of communication and teamwork within a healthcare setting.
Spend time brainstorming each of your event. Write down everything you can think of about what happened (you can use mind maps, lists, tables, paragraphs ? whatever works). Have a good understanding of the event before trying to write.
Be sparing in your use of the first person (?I?). You CAN use it, but should only do so when discussing: ? Your role in the event ? Your thoughts or feelings ? What you learnt
? How the learning will benefit you in the future Much of the report will be written in the third person, and will incorporate references to literature

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