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Nutrition Principles

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Nutrition Principles Mini Assignment

Nutrition Information

  1. Read: Whitney & Rolfes et al (2014) “Understanding Nutrition” (Australian and New Zealand ed). The Science of Nutrition pp 9-16; Highlight 1- Nutrition information on the Net and in the News pp 29-34
  2. Choose a topic (nutrition related) you have seen in an article/story or advertisements (eg. food or nutrition products). The article/story must be in hard copy form(newspaper or magazine or a pamphlet or health food store magazine etc., but NOT THE INTERNET or TV) that you would like to know the ‘truth’ about.

Your original source must be in HARD COPY form as suggested above and you must include a copy of it with your submission.

This can include a health claim about a specific product or a lifestyle/diet. However, it cannot include a single product with a single nutrient claim (ie. Low fat or reduced calories etc). Multivitamin and mineral supplements are not suitable topics.

  1. Investigate your topic from at least two other popular source of nutrition information (eg. Newspaper, Magazine, Internet, Television, Gymnasium, Health food store, Government publication, Health professional) summarising briefly what they say about the topic.

Remember to cite/reference the popular sources in addition to the original source used.

  1. Then review the scientific literature (ie. peer reviewed scientific journals) to see what the science says. You will need to use the library catalogue and/or a scientific database like Medline (Pubmed) to do this (not just Google). You may need to visit the library and/ or the library website to find out more about searching the scientific literature.

Very importantly
, in your report answer the following questions based on the original source. You may wish to also establish this for additional popular sources as well.

  1. What is your topic? ie. from the original source what is their claim or the information you are seeking to find the ‘truth’ about.
  2. What do the popular sources of nutrition information say about your topic?
  3. Who is providing the information and what are their qualifications?
  4. What is their aim?
  5. Are these sources trying to sell you something?
  6. Do they use scientific terms and jargon to persuade you? Use examples
  7. Is the information based on science? Use/source at least 2 examples from the scientific literature to support/refute the claims in the original source .

(Note: You are not meant to spend hours searching for and reading complex studies – just check if any ‘scientific’ studies have been done relating to the claim and briefly summarise the information that supports/refutes the claim being made). Remember to reference these also.

  1. On a scale from 1-5 how do you rate the truth of this information? (1= low; 5= high)

Write a brief report (no more than 1 A4 page; font 12) summarising your responses to the questions above. Please number your responses 1 to 8. Include a readable scanned copy or photo of your topic source in your submission (as part of the document or as an attachment) and ensure all sources of information are referenced (APA style).Your reference list does not form part of the 1 A4 limit.

Note: A suggested layout would be to clearly answer each question as above in order as a separate paragraph. You do not have to state the question and then the answer, rather incorporate the question into your response.

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