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Operations Management

Team Charter

Directions: Working together with your team, create a simple charter to complete the research and team presentation on distractions and how to avoid them. All team members should contribute their ideas and work in collaboration to develop the team assignment. Please have your discussions in the class discussion areas for your team and upload your draft work and ideas there.

Team Number:


Member Name


Contact #, call no later than e.g. 8 p.m. EST






Articulate an Initial Team Vision Statement:

Create a short team vision that summarizes what the team needs to accomplish and describes how it will interact in order to accomplish its mission. This should be a simple sentence or two.

Ground Rules to Communicate:

Come to agreement on how and when you will communicate. Be detailed. You’ll want to include things like expectations for response times, whether responses should be in the same format as prior contact (e.g. an email response to an email, a text response to a text message), whether individual side conversations are acceptable, etc.

Conflict Management:

Explain how the team will deal with conflict. What steps will you take to manage internal team conflict? What is the escalation process you’ll follow? Be detailed. This would benefit from a step-by-step process.

The next part of the plan will divvy up the research, slide development, and editing for clarity and accuracy. Remember to include every step of the process for idea development through submission. Be sure to consider your timeline (for example, the team members submitting research need to be done before the one who is responsible for submitting the final project). Depending on the task, some team members may have more than one responsibility.


Assigned Work

Date Draft Posted to Team Area






Acknowledgment of Agreement

We actively participated in the development of this project plan and agree to abide by it. Each team member must type in their own name.

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