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Operations Management

Building on the last discussion, conduct research to identify examples of innovative benefit
practices. A great example is SAS, Inc. A useful starting point is an Internet search using phrases
such as “best companies to work for.” What are some of the more innovative benefits practices
that you found? Search for research articles examining any two of these innovative benefits. What
did you find about their influenceon employee retention, engagement, or satisfaction? Beyond
those three outcomes how are employee benefits being used in a broader strategic sense. For
instance, how might we use out benefits to reflect the type of organizational culture we want our
employees to experience.
Now, imagine you hold a decision-making position for an organization. We are in what we believe
to be at least a 3 year slow down. How might you suggest making adjustments to our benefits
offering that brings the best in cost reduction but the least in terms of damage to morale?
Respond to the discussion questions provided. The assignment requires 3–4 full
pages and at least 5 scholarly resources to substantiate your position in your answer. You must
carefully read the requirements below noting the expectations beforehand.
The specific requirements are as follows:
 Cover page, abstract, reference page, and appendices do not count toward the minimum page length requirement.
 At least 5 scholarly sources are required.
 Use the current APA manual to ensure that you correctly cite your sources and quotations.
 The use of sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs, personal, consulting or corporate
websites are discouraged and will not count toward the required 5 references.
 Do not write in question/answer format. (e.g., Using each question as a heading or sub-
heading); you will receive an automatic 30% deduction if you do. Instead, use
the questions to guide and form your paper

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