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Operations Management

Review the Sandora Company Case Study and your Week 2 Summative Assessment.

Assume your project team, including stakeholders, is unfamiliar with risk management and needs an overview of risk management principles. You need to train the team so that they understand why the organization needs to address certain risks.

Using the risks identified in your Week 2 Summative Assessment and instructor feedback, create a 10- to 12-slide presentation that includes the following information:

· An enhanced, high-level risk matrix of previously identified risks with value or cost of incidence and recommended mitigation strategies to reduce the risks

· An outline of a remediation and risk reduction plan

· Note: This will be used in your Week 6 Summative Assessment.

· A discussion of the business value (cost of each risk happening) for each of the major stakeholders (loss of revenue, market share, goodwill, etc.)

· A recommendation of at least 4 project management strategies to meet the organization’s goals as outlined in the case study

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