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Organisational structure and Mission Statement

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1: Organisational Practice

For this assignment you need to be able to ‘research’ and analyse a human service organisation that provides a social work or social welfare service. You may select a small or larger human service organisation (Dept of Housing, Domestic Violence Resource service, Anglicare) or a small department of a larger organisation provided the part you select provides a social work/social welfare service (e.g. the social work department in a hospital).

It may be that you will need to talk only to your contact person or he/she may suggest you talk to other people or also visit websites etc. For example, you might arrange to talk during the semester with the coordinator of a women’s health centre or a youth shelter or to the team leader of a specific service or program in an organisation providing a range of other human services (e.g. Centacare; Lifeline; Mission Australia; Anglicare etc.).

Alternatively, you might approach a team leader or an area manager in a State government service such as the Department of Communities or a Commonwealth service such as Centrelink. It is better if students try to visit different agencies rather than all turn up trying to make an appointment with just a few services.

If you are already working in an HSO that provides a social work or social welfare service, you may use this organisation as a basis for your study for this assignment. If this is the case for you, you will need to identify yourself as a worker in that agency so it is known that this is the perspective you are writing from- check with your tutor. Alternatively, and my preference is, you select an HSO that interests you or you may like to work there when you have completed your degree – this will further develop your learning by focussing on something ‘new’.

  • Please note: this research and analysis needs to incorporate a current experience of an HSO – not a past experience.

Components to be covered in the analysis:

  • Name of organisation and contact person;
  • How you set up your study of the organisation and your main source(s) of information;
  • A brief description of the purpose(s) and mission of the organisation, the auspice under which it operates the range of social work/welfare services provided •

A chart of the organisations official structure and a discussion of structure (included Chart as an appendix);

  • A brief description of the organisation’s direct and indirect task environments including comments/insights offered by your contact person
  • A brief commentary on the official and operative versions of the organisation, especially in terms of goals, structure and culture including comments /insights offered by your contact person along with your own insight/reflection;
  • The opportunities and constraints experienced by social welfare workers at the front line in this HSO including insights offered by your contact person;
  • The nature and extent of any current change (positive or negative) coming from outside or inside the HSO and how social welfare workers are impacted including comments/insights offered by your contact person;
  • The power and influence (or lack of these) of service users/consumers in the HSO (will be useful to you to briefly read forward several weeks),
  • Any Indigenous and cross-cultural issues impacting on the HSO or its clients.
  • A critical reflection on how suitable this organisation would be for a student placement, including your own – in the context of your learning needs and how you might fit in the organisation.

Length: 1500-1800 words (excluding appendices and references- (keep to a minimum eg

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