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Organizational Behavior And Leadership

Upload your final project here. Late work will not be accepted. This project should be a minimum of 10 pages and contain a minimum of 10 references.

Your paper should:

· Identify the topic

· Answer why the topic is important to the study of organization behavior

· Your personal views on the topic

· A comparison of historical vs modern view of the topic

· answer why it is important to learn about the topic

· Anything else you deem relevant

· Summary & conclusion

Assignment Grading Rubrics

Quality of work 0 – 50 pts

• Substance

• Grammar

• Subject terminology

• Originality

• Etc

Research 0 – 25 pts

• Use of scholarly articles to support your views

APA Formatting 0 – 25 pts

• Title page

• Running head

• Abstract page

• Main body

• In-text citations

• Properly written reference page

• Etc

Total 100 pts

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