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Organizational Psychology

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You will have two options to choose from to fulfill your paper assignment.  A summary of each paper topic is described below.  CHOOSE ONE. You will be limited to 12 pages (double-spaced, APA format).

  1. Profession of Interest – Choose a profession of interest that you would like to learn more about. You must identify someone with this job title, conduct a job analysis interview, and gather information about relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job.  Personal accounts and interviews will be incorporated to develop a well-rounded analysis of the job and its context in the organizational environment. You are expected to incorporate at least 10 academic sources and at least the popular press sources.
  2. Current Events – Choose a current-event topic relevant to those discussed in this course. You are expected to incorporate at least 10 academic sources and at least the popular press sources. These sources must link the topic to information discussed in lecture, in-class discussions, and/or text chapters.  References should come from credible newspaper, magazine, or website publications.

Suggested literary venues for this assignment can include:  Psychology Today, The New York Times, The Washington-Post, The Baton Rouge Advocate, The LSU Reveille, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chronicles of Higher Education,,,, etc.

This list is not all-inclusive.  However, if you choose a source other than one listed, be prepared to defend the credibility of the source to your audience. Please refer to the Term Paper Guidelines Power Point for more details.

The grading rubric for the assignment is presented below:

I Content A Statement of Topic (20 pts)

Purpose of paper (thesis)

Identification of relevant actors, context/Setting where this organization phenomena unfolds

Historical perspective

B Academic Knowledge (40 pts)

Theory – Describe key concepts, frameworks, definitions, theoretical and empirical perspectives/paradigms, etc.


C Broader Impact (20 pts)

Practical implications Current events and lay perspectives Discussion of debates, controversies, & case studies related to topic

II Paper Format (10 points)   A Title page and abstract  B Reference page C Internal Citation/Literature Support

III Writing Quality/Style (10 points)

A Formal Language  B Spelling Errors  C Written Comprehension  D Grammar/Punctuation

TIPS:  • I expect that your paper will make a number of references to class readings and discussions. While you do not need to footnote, you should cite the reading by putting the author’s name and the date of the publication in parentheses following the reference. Where quotes are used directly, put the page number the quote appears on. A list of all readings you referenced in the paper should appear at the end of the paper.   • Use of supplemental material to support the paper: Please include graphs, process flow diagrams, organizations charts, survey results, etc. that help tell the story more vividly.  • Use supporting data.  If you make an assertion such as “Morale at my company was at an all-time low,” on what do you base this? If you suggest, “This project has had an enormous impact on customer satisfaction,” how do you know this to be true? While it is acceptable to occasionally insert some subjectivity into the analysis – be clear to identify what is subjective opinion and what is based on more objective data sources.


  2. Complete the “References” page on the second page of this document with at least ten credible sources pertaining to your topic. See the syllabus guidelines for more information.
  1. Of the five references, you should have at least 3 scholarly journal articles.
  2. All ten of the references should be compiled on the next page, in APA format.
  3. All five of the references should be available online or physically at the LSU Library.
  4. References

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