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Ovarian Cancer-Cancer Biology

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Bio360: Cancer Biology

Choose one: Ovarian or Prostate Cancer
General Characteristics
Write a short essay describing the general characteristics of the cancer. There is no page requirement but you may aim for two pages double spaced. Be sure that you include the following types of information.
1. Major characteristics of the cancer

2. Cancer statistics
 How common is this cancer?
 Who does this cancer a ect?
 What percentage of cases are hereditary?

3. How is the cancer staged?
 example: stage IA, IIB, etc…
 What is prognosis as it relates to stage?
4. What is the current treatment for this type of cancer?

Analysis of Associated Cancer Genes
Choose three genes associated with your chosen cancer below. Answer the following questions for each gene.
 What is the function of the gene?
 Is this a tumor suppressor or proto-oncogene? Why?
 Which hallmarks are associated with the gene? If there are no hallmarks, explain how the gene relates to cancer.
 Find a molecular diagram related to the role of this gene in cancer. Create a linear molecular diagram of the illustrated pathway.

You may use your text book or nd an image on the web. You must send me a picture of the molecular diagram you are working with so I can grade your linear molecular diagram.

Where would you intervene for a targeted therapeutic approach?
{ Would you activate or inhibit this target?
1. Prostate Cancer
2. Ovarian Cancer
Example for linear diagram question. The picture I used is below.
The URL is:
Figure 1: A Role for Estrogen in Apoptosis.
E2 activates ER activates ERE complex activates mitochondria activates apoptosis
E2 activates ER activates ERE complex activates FAS activates BID activates mitochondria
activates apoptosis
You may nd these sources helpful for this assignment:
 Gene Home Reference:
 My Cancer Genome:
 If you use your text book, cite the chapter
 You may use other sources but be sure to include a valid html link

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