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Patient Centered Care; Toxic Leadership

Topic: Patient Centered Care; Toxic Leadership

1. There are four patient-centered leadership behaviors listed on page 335, table 12.1. Provide examples from your organization and describe how these behaviors can be used to support patient-centered or relationship-centered care. In addition, if applicable, tell us your COVID/patient story as it related to patient/family-centered care.

2. What behaviors can you identify in your organization that might create stagnation and/or chaos or diminish relationships, connections, and information sharing? These are toxic behaviors. What are the consequences to the team, the organization, and the system? How can the leader reverse these consequences? Post your article about toxic leadership here and incorporate it into the discussion as well.

3. Post your progress with your weekly self-care goal. Have you completed the self-care activity every week? What are the benefits to you of completing the weekly self-care activity? What are the barriers associated with completing your goal? What modifications can you make to increase your participation in the self-care activity between now and the end of the term?

Lecture Materials

Below is an outline of the 6 items for which you will be responsible throughout the module.

1. Textbook readings- Weberg and Davidson Chapter 12, 13 (MO 1, 2, 3, 4)

2. Review the audio PowerPoint presentation on Toxic Leadership

3.. Read the article:

4 steps to repairing a toxic culture.pdf

Sherman, R. (2019). 4 steps to repairing a toxic culture. American Nurse Today , 14(3), p. 5-7 (MO 3.4)

4. Review the literature on the topic of toxic leadership. Be prepared to post one article from your review in the DB.

5.. Read the article: Patient Centered Care During COVID.pdf

Ahmann.E .(2020), Resources and support to maintain the ‘essence’ of patient- and family-centered care during COVID-19. Pediatric Nursing.46(3): 154-155. (MO 1,2)

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