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Peer to Peer Discussion

For this assignment, you are to watch: MSC Seaside, Life Onboard One Of The Biggest Cruise Ships. A floating city on the sea, the MSC Seaside is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. With privileged access to every part of the cruise’s operation, this film uncovers the army of people and complex systems that keep this extraordinary ship at the top of its game. (1:06)

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Spark. (2021, December 20). MSC Seaside, Life Onboard One Of The Biggest Cruise Ships [4K] | Secret Life of the Cruise | Spark [Video]. YouTube.

In an original post, share your highlights and lowlights of the movie. Also, share your thoughts on how they could improve or add to the experience of the cruise, focusing on the facilities, of course.

Please post your Journal entry as a reply below.

Please include an original title reflecting your thoughts in your response.

No references are needed for this assignment.

Your initial post should be approximately 300 words. You may include photos if you wish. You can write it using whatever word-processing software you prefer, but please copy and paste it as a “text entry” to help facilitate the ease of use of the board.

With this assignment, I would like you to interact with your peers. Once you have posted your summary, read your peer’s reports and respond to at least one of your peers. Please create a thoughtful response and attempt to engage in discussion.

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