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Personality Development


At this point in the course you should have a basic understanding of various theories of personality development. You have also been considering various ways to apply personality development theory in your professional practice. This assignment gives you the opportunity to further explore and develop that skill, while gaining a deeper understanding of a particular theoretical approach to personality development. You will first choose a case study and decide on a theoretical perspective. Then, using that perspective, you will analyze the situation described to identify the most salient characteristics and issues presented by the individual, and devise an appropriate approach to interaction and intervention.


To complete this assignment, first select one of the two case studies located in the Resources, either Case Study: John or Case Study: Sandra.

Then, write and submit a 6–7 page paper including the following major sections, in addition to title and reference pages:

· Introductory paragraph: Be sure to identify the case study you selected and the accompanying diagnosis.

· Analysis: Analyze the case study from the perspective of a personality theory. Identify the theoretical perspective you are using, and describe the most salient characteristics and issues presented by the individual. Integrate factors such as gender, ethnicity, culture, and age into your analysis, as appropriate.

· Plan: Describe how your chosen theory of personality applies to a professional situation by describing how you would approach resolving the case study. Devise a plan to work with the individual based on your particular type of practice and the theoretical perspective you chose. For example, if you work as a clinician, use personality theory to inform your conceptualization of the case and intervention. If you work as an I/O psychologist, use personality theory to help inform aspects of your interaction with the case study subject. Make sure that your plan is supported by your analysis.

· Evaluation: Evaluate the personality theory you used: assess its usefulness in relation to the case study and identify any limitations or gaps you discovered.

· Concluding paragraph.

Include citations as appropriate, using current APA formatting. Refer to the Case Study Rubric to guide your work and to learn how this assignment will be graded.

When you have finished the paper, submit it to the assignment area for grading.

Submission Requirements

· Length: Ensure the paper is 6–7 pages in length (excluding title page and references page).

· Organization: Include a title page, references page, and the major sections indicated above.

· Citations: Include a minimum of two scholarly resources.

· Format: Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting.

· Submit your paper to the assignment area for grading.

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