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Personality Traits

(1) Context for Research: Provide background information about the controversy within your field of study that you intend to investigate. Address the ollowing questions:
• What is the current controversy you aim to explore?
• Who is your target audience, and why have you chosen them?
• What is your specific research question?
• Why is this research question important to your chosen audience?

(2) Researcher Intentions & Positionality: Share why this research question personally interests you and your motivations for pursuing it this semester.
Consider the following:
• Who are you, and what is your positionality?
• Share relevant Identity markers (race, ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, economic dass, education level, sexuality, gender, religion).
• Share personal experiences or stories that explain your connection to the research.

(3) Importance/Significance of Conducting this Research: Articulate the importance of your research, not only to yourself but to potential groups like students or future researchers. Reflect on the significance of contributing to the ongoing conversation through conversational inquiry.

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