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Perspectives on Organizational Models

Perspectives on Organizational Models

This paper is designed to help you apply different theoretical perspectives to develop understandings of organizational systems. You are asked to select one nonprofit organization (BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB), research the organization, developing an understanding of what it does and how it does it. Then, apply at least one of the theoretical perspectives from Tremblay-Boire &Prakash (legitimacy or stakeholder) to the selected organization. Your paper must include the following elements:

· Your paper must include cover page, reference page and corresponding headings.

· Introduction to the nonprofit organization, including its mission/purpose, structure, functioning, and key constituents and stakeholders

· Description of needs/trends to which it is responding

· Discussion of Tremblay-Boire &Prakash’s perspectives and how they help make sense of the organization model and its adaptation to trends

· Lessons you have learned from the application of various theoretical perspectives that can be transported and applied to your organization

· Conclusion


Suggested length of the paper is 3-5 pages. You should offer 3-5 references outside the course texts. This scholarly paper should be based on research, not just on personal opinions and experiences.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Points Possible

The presentation is well-organized, complete, addresses best practices, and creativity and proper flow of case study


Presentation delivery was effective and met time requirements


Four scholarly references reflect a connection to the literature and timely sources (published within the last 5 years)


The use of technology selected to present


Total 20

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