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Medication Commercial (50 points)

Instructions: Each student will prepare a short 5-minute pharmacology commercial; this could be a recorded commercial, a PowerPoint presentation (see the first bullet point under “Ability to clearly articulate information” in the rubric below), or you can use some other form of technology. Be creative for this commercial! When developing your commercial, ask yourself what information is important to highlight about the featured medication. Think about different medication commercials that grabbed your attention—what was it about those commercials that got you interested? Medication commercials we see on TV are geared toward the patient- your information should be presented in a way your patient can understand. Ensure you include all required information – follow the rubric on the next page.

· Your commercial needs to be uploaded into the D2L drop box by the due date.

· Each student is required to comment on at least two other commercials after the presentation.

Pharmacology Commercial Grading Rubric

Commercial Presentation Criteria

Possible points

Points awarded

Ability to clearly articulate information

· Correct pronunciation of terms (4 points)

· Transition easily from one portion of the commercial to the next (2 points)

· Professional approach to commercial (2 points)

· Information in the commercial at an appropriate level for the target audience (2 points)

10 points

Information presented: (use your own words- don’t copy from the drug guide)

· Includes important information relevant to highlighted medication:

· Names of medication (generic and trade name(s)) (2 points)

· Indication (2 points)

· Interactions (2 points)

· Usual dose/administration schedule (2 points)

· Action/ Therapeutic effects (2 points)

· Potential/common side effects (2 points)

· Adverse effects (2 points)

· Monitoring/administration information on medication (2 points)

· Includes relevant nursing implications (2 points)

· Patient education priorities for the specific medication (2 points)

20 points


· End of the presentation includes a short audience learning evaluation of the material (Multiple-choice questions, true/false, etc.)

10 points

APA format

· Provide any references used in your presentation in proper APA format

3 points


· Respond to 2 of your peer’s commercials by offering additional information or asking a question.

2 points

Timing: 1 point per minute

5 points

Total Points

50 points

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