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Planning and implementation of a project – E Portfolio

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Assignment 1 – Planning and implementation of a project

2400 word E-Portfolio.
This assessment has two components.

First, document the planning and implementation of your project.

(for face to face students this will be the project done in your on campus classes. For distance students this will be your individual projects that are done off campus in modules 1-7)

This documentation needs to be done throughout the life of the project so that all three phases are well recorded. Documentation can include (but is not limited to) photos of artefacts, places and people, sketches, maps, diagrams, mind maps, videos, interviews, sound recordings, drawings, art work, evaluations, responses of participants and different forms of written text. Indeed anything that was pertinent to your project

Second, discuss how this project might meet some of the learning objectives and outcomes for both:

– a group of 3 -5 year olds (i.e. Early Years Learning Framework ) and

– a K-2 class in a primary school (i.e. the relevant State HSIE/SOSE syllabus).

Focus on the development of historical and geographical skills and literacies.

The assignment will be assessed according to how well it can:

demonstrate the engagement of children through multi modal inquiries to facilitate their geographical and historical skills and literacies; document children’s geographical and historical skills and literacies; foster children’s inquiry of history and geography through project work; and interpret learning frameworks/curriculum documents related to learning history and geography.

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