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Hello Class!

In our class this week, we will be covering emotion, motivation, and stress. We will focus a lot on the idea of work/life/school balance and the mind body connection. As we learn more about how physical and psychological health interact, we understand better the importance of holistic health. You will gain some helpful insights this week on how to successfully mitigate stress and how to effectively channel emotions into healthy outlets.

The links below are provided to help provide you with additional information regarding the topics of our week.

Now, let’s turn focus to the assignment for the week:

Written Assignment: Brief Policy Presentation

Your final written assignment is a policy brief presentation. The purpose of a policy brief is to show research concerning an issue/problem along with recommendations. This information is to be used in order to make an informed decision on these issues and how the administration can reach out to help their workers.

More specifically, you are to
create a Policy Brief utilizing APA 7th edition formatting that explains the mental and physical health issues related to stress, as well as viable recommendations for how the hospital can help.
Write at least a 5 paragraph research essay that includes an introduction with the topic/thesis/purpose statement, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Utilize at least 4 scholarly references.

In writing the Policy Brief, be sure to include the following headings:
Executive Summary
Research Overview
Discussion/Analysis of research

Finally, in developing the actual narrative content of your Policy Brief, be sure to address:
why hospital employee are stressed at least 3 biological consequences of stress, emotion, and cognitive outlook on overall health
how the hospital can help motivate employees to achieve (a) stress reduction techniques and a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some resources to draw upon to help complete your assignment:
How to Create a Policy Brief,clear%20links%20to%20policy%20initiatives

Please let me know of any questions you may have! I am looking forward to reviewing your final projects.

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