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Policy power point on cultured meat labeling specifically against it title Redefining Food Labels: Cultured Meat’s Transparency Challenge

The issue at hand pertains to ensuring both the safety and transparency of cultured poultry and meat products. These lab-grown alternatives in comparison to traditional meat production lack clear standardized regulations, and clear labelling.

To address this, we propose the establishment of a comprehensive regulatory framework. This framework would require all cultured poultry and meat products to undergo rigorous testing for a minimum of 25 years and mandate accurate labeling to inform consumers of potential risks. By doing so, the policy seeks to address the current regulatory gaps associated with cultured meat and poultry products and ensure their responsible ethical development (Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA, 2018).
I’m specifically responsible for the Responses and Policy options :.) What has been done/proposed about this issue so far and have other organizations addressed it?
2.)  Are there pending legislative or regulatory proposals (include support as needed).
3.) The aim of this element is to detail shortcomings of the current approach or options being implemented and therefore, illustrate both the need for change and focus of where change needs to occur. In doing so, the critique of policy options usually includes the following: – A short overview of the policy option(s) in focus – An argument illustrating why and how the current or proposed approach is failing. It is important for the sake of credibility to recognize all opinions in the debate of the issue

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