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Politics And Social Media

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1. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter allow greater democratic participation of the citizenry because they weaken the ‘gatekeeping’ role of legacy media (television, radio, newspapers). Using relevant theories of the media critically evaluate this statement. Do you agree? Why/ Why not?

Please note the following in relation to your essay:

� You should adopt an analytic and critical, as opposed to purely descriptive, approach in writing your essay (please see the essay writing guide on the LMS for further details).

� A good essay will have a central argument, which is made clear to the reader though sign posting in the introduction and the body of the essay. This argument may include sub-arguments, and these will be developed throughout the essay. Do not simply list everything you know about a topic.

� Please remember this is a research essay not a report. Therefore please do not OVERUSE sub headings. More than three is probably too many.

� Your argument(s) must be supported by evidence, especially including material from academic works such as journal articles or books. Think about the theories we have covered. How do they relate to the question you are answering? You must use at least five (5) academic articles/books, from sources beyond the subject materials. You are also encouraged to use relevant materials from the subject guide and subject reading pack � this is why they are available online. Where relevant you may also use other non-academic sources including documents (e.g. newspapers, magazines, television shows, videos, policy papers, etc.), or survey data, such as that available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you are using the World Wide Web to locate resources, you must make sure any material you use is appropriate. If in doubt, ask.

� Before writing your essay, you should read over the Essay Writing Guide, and the Assessment Guidelines, which are available on the LMS.

� The essay is due on Tuesday 1 November 2016 by 5.00pm uploaded on to the LMS. It must be 2000 words in length (excluding references).

� You must include a complete bibliography at the end of your essay (i.e. material you have referenced in writing your essay). The bibliography is not included in the word count.

� You must reference your sources of information throughout your essay. In referencing your sources, you must choose either the Harvard or Cambridge/Oxford system (both are outlined in the Essay Guide). The key to referencing is to be consistent.

� Attach a School of Social and Political Sciences essay cover sheet to your essay � it can be downloaded from the LMS. Make sure your name, your student number, subject name and number details, and the name of your tutor are stated clearly.

� Extensions will be granted for appropriate reasons, for example, illness supported by a medical certificate, or adverse personal circumstances. Extensions will not be granted for inappropriate reasons, for example, having two assignments due on the same day. In requesting an extension, you must use the appropriate form (available outside the School office), and you must request the extension (and have your request approved) before the due date for the assignment.

� Late papers, which have not been granted an extension, will be penalised as set out in the Assessment Guidelines (front of reading pack).

� For on-line versions of relevant forms (e.g. essay cover sheet, extension form, writing guide), see the LMS.

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