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Post-Presidential Election Analysis

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Post Presidential Election Analysis
Exit polls:
Summarize in the form of a table, the 2016 and 2012 data according to demographics such as party, ideology, religion, race, gender, education, income, and any other information you would like to choose.
In your own words, compare the exit polls for the two elections, pointing out similarities and differences.

What do the exit poll data tell us about why the winning candidate won and/or why the losing candidate lost?
Do you think the differences between the 2012 data and the 2016 data indicate a trend? How would you explain these differences? How might they affect the two political parties? Do you think the changes are permanent or temporary? Why?
In your own words, analyze the 2016 election. What did Clinton do right and wrong and what did Trump do right and wrong? What impacts might this election have on future presidential elections?
After observing this election, what major advice would you give to future presidential candidates?
Sources for exit polls:

CNN Politics, Election Center, America’s Choice 2012.
New York Times, 2012 President Exit Polls.
The Washington Post, “Exit polls 2012, How the vote has shifted.”
Roper Center, “How Groups Voted in 2012.”

New York Times, 2016 President Exit Polls.
CNN News Exit Polls 2016.
The Washington Post, 2016 Election Exit Polls.
Pew Research Exit Polls.
Fox News 2016 Exit Polls.
Feel free to use any other sources you wish, however, you must make sure to reference any source you use noting any time you quote or paraphrase the material.

The essay should be about 5 pages long, double-spaced, although, length is not as important as quality. Be sure to include all of your references in a common and consistent style. Do not refer to Internet sites with just their URL address. Do not plagiarize – show references to your sources when quoting, paraphrasing, or using data.

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