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“Power and System”

“Power and System”  Please respond to the following:

 An accurate definition of the current IR system and how power is  distributed is crucial in forming a sound foreign policy. Roskin and  Berry allude to the tendency toward idealism in international politics  before WWII ended in 1945, but the tendency toward realism after that  year.


  • Research two countries whose relationship has been in the news  recently. Visit a reputable Website, newspaper, or TV broadcast to catch  up on the latest events in their interactions. Next, discuss why is it  sometimes difficult to define the current IR system and if you had to  choose from one of the many suggested names, which one would you select?  Justify your response.
  • Compare and contrast at least three (3) key differences between the  world before 1945 and the world after that year with respect to  international relations. Next, explain the causes of the transition  (from idealism to realism). Provide support for your response.
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