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Pregnancy: Case Study

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Part 1 Case Study 1 Pregnancy

You are working as a nurse in a general practitioner clinic and are asked to see Traci who has presented to the clinic feeling nauseated, distressed and upset. Traci is a 24 year old and in a 4 year relationship with Tom and was on the contraceptive pill. She reveals that she is 12 weeks pregnant despite being on the pill. Traci reports feeling completely shocked by the news of being pregnant as she had no intention of becoming pregnant. This s the first pregnancy.

Tom is regularly verbally abusive and occasionally physically abusive when intoxicated. Traci found out about the pregnancy a couple of days ago and has not told Tom   do about it, as she is terrified of the impact that this would have upon her relationship with Tom.

On walking into the clinic, Traci asks you what you think she should do ….


1) How do you respond to Traci?

By asking her to calm down, think of it thoroughly and do not take a decision until she is sure about what she is doing. Moreover, Nurse must be an active listener and not judgmental person.

2) What are the important points to consider in this case?

  • That is her First pregnancy.
  • That she is in her first 12 week (panic because of the physiological changes in her body).
  • That she is distressed and upset.
  • That she have a Violent and abusive
  • In her group of age study shows that women are more influenced by the partner demands. (Sihvo et al., 2003).
  • Study shows that if women tend to do abortion to keep there relationships save (Sihvo et al., 2003).

3) What are some strategies that you could use to assist Traci make a decision in this case?

Active listening, give more information to assist her in dealing with her situation, refer her to a specialist or social worker to give more advices (Sihvo et al., 2003). Moreover, try to show the side effects of the abortion; hence it is an option for Traci. Which could lead her mental status to deteriorate because there are high chances to have a “substance abuse, anxiety, hosti- lity, low self-esteem, depression and bipolar disorder” (Fergusson, 2006, p. 16).

4) What members of the health care team would you refer to in assist with Traci’s situation?

Social counsellor, because according to Sihvo et al. (2003) that a huge number females who had have similar cases to Traci, after commencing a social counselling meetings they end up in keeping their pregnancy.

5) Why is counselling so important in such cases as this?

Because if it is due to unsatisfied partner, the Swedish study shows that counselling could positively solve a lot of cases regarding this motive to terminate the pregnancy (Sihvo et al., 2003).


Sihvo, S., Bajos, S., Ducot, B., Kaminski, M., & the Cocon Group, (2003). Women’s life cycle and abortion decision in         unintended pregnancies. Journal of Epidemiol Community Health, Finland, University of Helsinki, 57,601–605.

Fergusson, D. M., Horwood, L. J., & Ridder, E. M., (2006). Abortion in young women and subsequent mental health. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 47(1), 16–24. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7610.2005.01538.x

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