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Description: In this assignment you will write an argumentative research paper on a topic of your controversy analysis paper. You can choose to take any side on the topic and argue for it in your paper. You need to thoroughly and carefully research your topic and write a research-based argument supporting one side on that issue. The paper should make a compelling argument and use research data to develop the argument through 3-5 supporting ideas. Each supporting ideas has to be well developed, explained, and supported with relevant and strong research evidence in a separate paragraph. Also, the paper should rebuttal one counter argument in one paragraph at the end of the body section. You should use in-text citation in APA style to mark any information that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize from references, and the paper should have a reference page that lists ALL the cited references in APA style. You need to use a minimum of ten references to support your argument including at least six academic references (or 10-14 references if you are aiming for an A). Finally, before you submit your drafts you should edit and proofread them carefully for grammar and spelling mistakes. Length: Your Research Paper should be 1200-1500 words in length (5-6 pages, double spaces). Format: Your paper should be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman 12 points, and formatted in APA style. Grading: The Research Argument will be graded according to the criteria on the unified grading rubric . Plagiarism: Any attempts to plagiarize on this assignment, including excessive direct quotation, will result in receiving a Zero for the final grade, not receiving ANY feedback on your draft, and getting reported to the Dean of Students’ Affairs. My topic: The use of technology in classrooms I am with, not against. (Please use google scholar for references and send me their links.) – I have uploaded the rubric and a basic research about my topic but you don’t need to use the reasons I wrote. – NO PLAGARISIM, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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