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Professional Development Plan & Philosophy Paper

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I. Paper Guidance:

Write a five page paper using APA standards (the seven pages do not include the cover page or reference page(s) used).

Professional Development Plan Part I – one and one half (1.5) pages.

Professional Development Plan Part II – one and one half (1.5) pages.
Leadership Philosophy – two (2) pages.
Cover page one (1).
Reference page minimum of one (1).
II. Leadership Development Plan:

Part I: identifying skills, values, and interests.

Part II: Your Goals and Plans:

III. Leadership Philosophy:

1. Goal: To create a Leadership Philosophy you can use to guide your actions, behaviors, and attitudes in any leadership position you are placed in (voluntary or involuntary).

2. Purpose: To put into practical terms how you might change, modify, improve, and share your leadership style/vision with others. An effective leadership philosophy is different than your personal purpose, values, and valued behaviors. While your leadership philosophy is built upon the foundation of your personal purpose and values statement, it is specific to your leadership efforts (in the workplace, in a community organization, wherever you are taking a leadership role). We can change who we are as leaders by simply changing our philosophy of leadership.

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