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Programmatic Social Work Intervention

In Module 4, you were introduced to the programmatic social work intervention assignment. In this module, you are required to submit your paper.

For this paper, you will need to pull together what you have learned about the impact of a specific type of loss and create a program that could help those who have experienced this loss. What modality would be best suited in this situation? What theories would guide your decisions, and what are the best practices that you have found?

Programmatic Social Work Intervention Assignment

In this final paper, you will design a programmatic social work intervention, which will help clients cope with a particular category of loss. Using materials from your other course assignments, your personal experiences (as appropriate), or another particular category of loss, (i.e., bereavement of widows, parents who have lost children, survivors of violence or natural disasters, loss through a specific illness or disability, retirement, or divorce), briefly define and explore the category of loss. Research the category of loss that you have defined.

In addition to exploring and defining this category of loss, address the following:

How is this loss usually experienced?
Are there cultural, gender, societal, or diversity influences on how this loss is experienced?
What is the professional caregiver role in this situation?
What knowledge is needed to design appropriate, culturally sensitive interventions?
What theories influence the intervention strategies provided through your program?
What modality of support would you choose for this intervention? Individual, family, group or community work? Give reasons for your choice.
What supports would you build into your program?
How would you evaluate the success of your program?
This is a research/practice paper focused on the development of a program that might help many individuals deal with the particular category of loss.

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