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Project Governance

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Assignment Must-Do’s/Instructions

  • Read Attachment 1 (Topic Notes)
  • Quickly Overview Attachment 2 (Standard 15288)
  • Quickly Overview Attachment 3 (Vic Govt Treasury and Finance Project Governance)
  • Read Attachment 4 (Assignment Details)
  • Read Marking Guide Below
  • Read Attachment 5 (Assignment Guidance)
  • Use first three attachments as references to draw answers from
  • Gather further literature


Question 1, Part A. Your task is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the proposed teaming arrangements between CUTA and Arrian Prime, including identification of threats that are likely to impede delivery of the IMMA system.

Question 1, Part B. Based on your analysis describe an alternative project governance structure you would design and implement to assure successful delivery of this project through every stage. Use diagrams and tables to support your answer.

In answering the questions, you may make any reasonable assumptions (such as business environmental factors, stakeholder requirements, and economic factors) you require to assist you in completing the necessary artefacts. You might also consider, in the context of the assumptions you have made, any questions of clarification that you would present to the Board of Directors or to the project owner. State your assumptions and identify the rationale for their inclusion and their impact on project governance and delivery.

The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of what is needed to establish an effective project governance framework. Your assignment will be assessed on your understanding of project governance, not of the technical aspects of project.

Having said that, you cannot just answer the questions by regurgitating the generic statements from the course readings or other source materials—you are required to think about each aspect of the questions in the context of the project scenario that is described. It is expected that you have undertaken some wider reading and research to add depth to your answers. You may wish to demonstrate this wider reading and research through the provision of introductory information, the use of quotes to help provide defensible viewpoints expressed in your assignment.

It is suggested that you apportion your efforts in preparing answers to specific parts of this assignment according to overall marks allocation, and the allocations to the specific parts shown in the tables on the following pages. You should submit enough work to demonstrate your understanding. Please note that where you believe your answer would be enhanced by the inclusion of an appropriate diagram, such inclusion would be considered valuable. The word count will not be applied to diagrams even though the inclusion of such diagram may result in the length of you answer being increased. Rather, inclusion will be adjudged on the basis of the extent to which the diagram enhances the explanation you have given.


Ensure that you address both Part A and Part B of the question.

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