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Project Planning

A project plan outlines recommended approaches to the use of the network, database management system, software, and cloud service technologies. Because industry best practices dictate transparency in terms of selection criteria and their importance to a specific project, a project plan should also include the criteria by which the recommended approaches were selected, along with the benefits to the project that each is expected to deliver.

This week you draft a project plan for the project outlined in your proposal in Week 1. Be sure to use the version of the proposal that is updated with your instructor’s feedback.

Complete all sections of the Project Plan Draft template, including, recommendations on network technology, database management system, software applications, and cloud services.

Note: Do not delete any sections in the template.

Both my topic’s scenario (Document 1) and the Project Plan Template (Document 2) that needs to be filled out will be attached
(Document 3) can be used as reference, Document 2 is the one that needs to be filled out for this order. Please ask me for any details.

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