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Note: Click here
to view the links that you can refer to for research about the demography and health indicators for the United States and Nigeria.

Answer the following questions:

Compare the annual population growth rate of both countries. What factors do you think are contributing to the differences observed between the two countries?
Compare the composition of the population of both countries. What does it suggest about each country?
Compare the dependency ratio of both countries. What does it suggest about each country?
Compare the mortality rates of both countries. Which age groups do you think are the most affected in each country? Is there a gender difference in mortality rates? Why or why not? In your opinion, what are the factors that might contribute to the differences in mortality rates of both countries?
Which age group is benefiting the most from healthcare interventions in each country?
What does the life expectancy at birth and at sixty years tell you about each country?
If you were a public health official looking at these data for the first time, what questions and assumptions might come up that you would want to further investigate?

cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

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