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This week, you will continue to build on the knowledge from last week’s methods content. First, you will watch the movie Super Size Me*. After watching Super Size Me, answer the following questions:

1. Why exactly did Morgan go on this diet?

2. How much did he gain in one week, and in two weeks?

3. List all the effects of his diet.

4. You hear about different answers as to why America overeats. List the diverse causes you hear about in the documentary or interview.

5. What research method did he use?

6. What were the independent and dependent variables (if any)?

7. What were the main problems with his research design?

*The movie Super Size Me is available on most streaming sites. If you cannot access the video for whatever reason, you may choose a research article from the Evans library. After reading the article, you can then write a summary to complete the assignment. You must pick an article that has a research method so you can complete the summary. Your writing should include the research methods used, problems with the research, variables used, and outcomes of the study.

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