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Public Finance ( Taxation )

Taxes provide a major revenue stream for public finance projects. Each level of government requires taxation of some kind. As an administrator in charge of finance, it’s important to understand what taxes are being levied and where the money is being utilized to prevent fraud and make sure the finances are being used effectively. In this assignment, examine how taxes impact the social benefit program you have analyzed earlier in the course.

Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation (approximately 10 slides) on the effect of taxation for a social benefit program. Consider how taxes levied from the federal, state, and local levels of government can be utilized to build social benefit programs.

Identify a social benefit program in your local community or state.

Provide an explanation of taxation across all 3 levels of government, focusing on your local community and state by explaining the following:

Tax rates and how the rates are calculated
Differences between federal, state, and local tax rates
The tax system in place for each level of government
How taxes are collected and paid for by taxpayers

Provide an assessment of how these tax plans can impact the social benefit program you focus on specifically. Answer the following:

In what ways do taxes benefit the program at the federal, state, and local levels of government?
What are the positive and negative benefits of taxation for the program?
What types of taxes are collected from taxpayers and employees, and do these taxes affect the program?
If you could change the current tax system to encourage more social benefit programs, what changes would you recommend, and why? Would your recommendations provide equity and efficiency for the proposed tax system or just efficiency? Explain why.

Submit your assignment.

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