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QNT 351 Latest Finals

1. The names of the positions in a corporation such as chief operating officer or controller are examples of what type of variable?  

2. The mean of a normal probability distribution is 500 and the standard deviation is 10. About 95% of the observations lie between what two values? 

3. The members of each basketball team wear numbers on their jerseys. What scale of measurement are these numbers considered? 

4. As the size of the sample increases, what happens to the shape of the distribution of sample means? 

5. Incomes of 50 loan applicants are obtained. Which level of measurement is income?

6. Which of the following is an example of a continuous variable?

7. The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to: 

8. Which of the following is a point estimate for the population mean (µ)?  

9. What is the relationship among the mean, median, and mode in a symmetric distribution? The mean is always the smallest value. 

10. When all the items in a population have an equal chance of being selected for a sample the process is called _________________. 

11. The probability distribution for the number of automobiles lined up at a Lakeside Olds dealer at opening time (7:30 a.m.) for service is: Number Probability 1 0.05 2 0.30 3 0.40 4 .25 On a typical day how many automobiles should Lakeside Olds expect to be lined up at opening time? Use expected value or mean of the probability distribution. 

12. Judging from recent experience 5% of the computer keyboards produced by an automatic high-speed machine are defective. If six keyboards are randomly selected, what is the probability that none of the keyboards are defective? Use binomial distribution.

13. The National Center for Health Statistics reported that of every 883 deaths in recent years, 24 resulted from an automobile accident, 182 from cancer, and 333 from heart disease. What is the probability that a particular death is due to an automobile accident? 

14. For the normal distribution, the mean plus and minus two standard deviations will include about what percent of the observations?

15. Which of the following is true regarding the normal distribution? 

16. In a distribution, the second quartile corresponds with the __________. 

17. The mean amount spent by a family of four on food is $500 per month with a standard deviation of $75. Assuming that the food costs are normally distributed, what is the probability that a family spends less than $410 per month? 

18. A student was interested in the cigarette smoking habits of college students and collected data from an unbiased random sample of students. The data is summarized in the following table: Males who smoke    20 Males who do not smoke 30 Females who smoke 25 Females who do not smoke 50 What type of chart best represents relative class frequencies? 

19. For the past week a company’s common stock closed with the following prices: $61.5, $62, $61.25, $60.875, and $61.5. What was the price range?

20. Which of the following is a characteristic of the normal probability distribution

21. A large manufacturing firm tests job applicants. Test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 50. Management is considering placing a new hire in an upper-level management position if the person scores in the upper sixth percent of the distribution. What is the lowest score a new hire must earn to qualify for a responsible position? 

22. What is the following table called? Ages Number of Ages 20 up to 30 16 30 up to 40 25 40 up to 50 51 50 up to 60 80 60 up to 70 20 70 up to 80 8 

23. How is the t distribution similar to the standard z distribution? 

24. A listing of all possible outcomes of an experiment and their corresponding probabilities of occurrence is called a ____________. 

25. The distribution of a sample of the outside diameters of PVC pipes approximates a symmetrical bell-shaped distribution. The arithmetic mean is 14.0 inches, and the standard deviation is 0.1 inches. About 68% of the outside diameters lie between what two amounts? 

26. Refer to the following breakdown of responses to a survey of “Are you concerned about being tracked while connected to the Internet?” Response Frequency Very concerned 140 Somewhat concerned 40 No concern 20 What is the class with the greatest frequency? 

27. A portion or part of a population is called a: 

28. Mileage tests were conducted on a randomly selected sample of 100 newly developed automobile tires. The results showed that the mean tread life was 50,000 miles, with a standard deviation of 3,500 miles. What is the best estimate of the mean tread life in miles for the entire population of these tires? 

29. A random sample of 85 supervisors revealed that they worked an average of 6.5 years before being promoted. The population standard deviation was 1.7 years. Using the 0.95 degree of confidence, what is the confidence interval for the population mean 

30. The following graph is a: 

Box plot Contingency table Dot plot Stem-and-leaf display

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