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Qualitative Methods in Health Research

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Task 1: Design a qualitative study

NOTE: you will only be designing not undertaking this study

All students are advised to post the research topic and question in the relevant Discussion Board in Blackboard for feedback on appropriateness.

Length: 2000 words

  1. Identify a topic of interest and a relevant research problem. Briefly describe the topic (3-5 references). Identify the purpose of your study and pose a relevant qualitative research question.
  2. Choose one approach from Generic Qualitative, Grounded Theorising, Phenomenology or Discourse Analysis. Describe the approach. Describe why you have chosen this approach for this research question.
  3. Choose and describe a data collection method (e.g. interviews, FGDs) that is appropriate to the research question and the chosen qualitative approach (e.g. Grounded Theory). Describe and justify the sampling and recruiting, and describe how you will analyse the data.
  4. Describe how you will ensure that the research is ethically appropriate. Note rather than simply give a general description of ethics identify any ethical concerns specific to the proposed study.
  5. Describe what steps you will take to strengthen the credibility (validity) of your study and the transferability (generalisability) of the findings. Note, rather than simply give a general description of validity and transferability, describe what you will specifically do in the proposed study to strengthen these important elements.

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