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Quality Management

Weaknesses in managing quality is often a key reason for failure of many projects and

organisations not realising intended benefits. Rapidly changing business and technology

environments compound the complexities in successfully implementing projects. Based on your

research, this assignment asks you to explore challenges in project quality management and make appropriate recommendations which organisations may adopt to accomplish successful project outcomes. Your report need not be based on any particular project management methodology.

The following format details are suggested for the report 1. Cover page – including course name, title of report, and Student ID 2. Table of contents 3. Section headings of the report specified under “Requirements” for each part in the next page. 4. Use Portrait orientation 5. Use Arial font, size 11 points 6. Use 1.5 spacing

The assignment must contain the following sections:(Total 2000 words)

1. Executive summary(100) – A summary of the key points of your report.

2. Introduction(100) – Discuss the rationale of the research and provide an overview of how the report is structured.

3. Body (1600)– You must use the following themes (headings) to organise the body of the report (you may use subheadings within each of these themes). Please use research evidence (including case study references) to support your discussion of these themes.

a) Explanation of the concept of project quality management

b) Analysis of the importance of effectively using quality management to achieve project


c) Analysis of challenges in managing project quality

d) Evaluation of the implications of using the concept of ‘cost of quality’ to improve project

quality management

e) Well-argued recommendations to enhance effectiveness of quality management in


4. Conclusion(200) – This is not a summary, but a discussion of the key findings from your

research/analysis and their implications.

5. Bibliography: Use the Business School Referencing Guide (APA 6th or 7th edition).

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