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Quantitative Research

Length: 1 or 2 double-spaced pages not including the abstract inserted

Take approximately an hour to contemplate a research topic that you are most interested in investigating quantitatively. Ensure the topic is specific, avoiding overly broad subjects, and it is suitable for quantitative analysis. Draft a paragraph explaining why this topic holds particular significance for you and what you aim to derive from studying it. If you were to conduct research on this topic, what would be the title of the project? Propose a title for the project that succinctly encapsulates the topic, its purpose, and relevant boundaries such as geographic units, age, and population groups, etc. Provide 3-5 key words capturing the essence of the research. Additionally, locate one sociological article that has already examined your chosen topic.

In summary, your assignment should include:

• Your chosen topic

• An explanation of the chosen topic

• The title of the project

• 3-5 key words

• One reference: include source information and insert its abstract

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