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Student will elaborate a summary considering the following aspects: 1. A brief summary of the plot; 2. A brief description of the sociocultural context in which the book is produced; 3. Identification of a comprehensive message of the book; and 4. Your critical/educated evaluation of the book as a reflection of its time and space. In addition of the above-mentioned aspects, you may add other elements or ideas you deem important or interesting in understanding and appreciating better the book you are reviewing, such as analysis of characters, its social and cultural impacts, interpretation of the text in light of a relevant academic article, etc. Make sure to also include one of the articles attached to compare or support the book summary. If not you can use a credible book source from somewhere else.The summary must follow the MLA style, and as all written-assignments of this class, must use correct grammar, appropriate vocabulary, good organization, and carefully follow logistics.  THIS ESSAY MUST BE WRITTEN OR TRANSLATED TO SPANISH! THE BOOK THAT YOU WILL BE DOING THE SUMMARY OF IS, “El lunes nos querrán” by Najat EL Hachmi.

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