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You should summarize your learning, ensuring to include information and examples to explain each of the following:

• Describe what an isotope is, and what is meant by radioisotopes. Give examples.
• With examples, explain the difference between alpha, beta and gamma emission, giving example equations.
• Explain half life, and give example calculations of half life.
• Explain the difference between diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes.
• Choose a diagnostic and a therapeutic isotope, give it’s symbol, decay type and current use.
• Explain why nuclear chemistry is important for your future career.

As per the updated syllabus, this exercise is a homework grade and due on December 11. You can submit this as an Adobe Spark presentation, a word document, a powerpoint presentation, you can write it out and scan it in, or you can even produce a video. Be creative, and learn something new in the process. You should upload your finished assignment on Canvas.

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