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Ramayana Discussion

Read The Concise Ramayana of Valmiki translated by Swami Venkatesananda:

Book 2—Ayodhya 15-31, Aranya 14-18, 32-37, 42-68;

Book 4—Kiskindha 56-67;

Book 5—Sundara 1-38;

Book 6—Yuddha 109-23, 130-31.

Your responses need to be posted 11:59 pm Friday 10/6.

1. Why does this ancient story continue to be relevant to Indians of diverse backgrounds (including Western-educated Indians)?

2. Hanuman is so popular and enduring a figure in Indian culture that many corporations and businesses use his name in theirs. What qualities does he represent that modern entrepreneurs want to emulate? Can you think of any characters in American popular culture who have superhuman powers like Hanuman’s?

3. What is dharma? In Aranya 43-45, what is Laksmana’s dharma as a younger brother and a brother-in-law respectively? Which choice seems to be the better one?

4. Do you think Rama follows dharma when he decides to accept his exile?

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