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Reading Journal: A People’s History of The United States

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As a way to understand the explicit power of historical forces and the unconscious pull such forces have on shaping our own lives and relationships, we are asking each student to explore these dynamics by reading and reflecting (through journaling) on the book by Howard Zinn’s, A People’s History of The United States.

As you read, your reflections should include:

1)Examples of what the book offers as history and what you can see of the history that is reflected as present-day conditions in the United States. (e.g. current election and other present-day issue)

2)Examples of what you are able to see in the way the social work profession engages with the group(s) discussed in the book today. Please identify dynamics (privilege, power, positionality) in the example where appropriate;

3) How are the dynamics expressed in your agency.

4) In your own practice (where handling direct expressions of bias and your own triggers related to unconscious bias may occur).

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