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 Identifying Themes and Concerns for the Benefit of the Individual Business Manager:


  1. Having identified three or four (maximum) common themes use text books, journals and secondary research to support your unique argument(s) for why managers and leaders should take note of these concerns in their future practice.
  1. The work should offer arguments that are directly drawn from these connections and should demonstrate your unique thinking supported by evidence from academic research, and drawing directly on previous learning from within the course. These links must be explicitly grounded in academic concepts and theory, supported by good referencing.
  1. A short critical and personal reflection on your approach to dialogue and argumentation should contain no more than 200 words. (Using the word “I” in this section is permissible.)

Your answer should be in an assignment format.

The assignment will be assessed in relation to thematic connections, evidenced argumentation and structured insights and reflection.


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