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Report: Brand Repair

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Research Paper

Students will need to deliver a case study in a report format (2500 words) which details an overview of the role of fashion management in relation to the different market subdivisions in the fashion industry. You should include a critical review of fashion management and administration tactics in relation to a problem-solving scenario.
You are employed by a brand producing items based within any sector of the fashion or luxury goods industries. Something happens which changes the consumers’ perception of your brand to a negative one. This may be a product recall, faulty goods, association with a controversial celebrity, dated products, your brand falls out of favour or you have lost your market share to a competitor. What would you do to fix this? Which departments should work together to improve things? What would be the best strategy to employ? How long do you think it might take to repair your brand reputation?
Your overview should include details of methods used by the company to meet customer satisfaction through the understanding of consumer behaviour. Research of how the brand products and image are managed should also be considered.

Candidates should prepare a report that discusses this evaluation and may include appendices if necessary, which will be outside of the word count.

It is estimated that candidates will make reference to at least ten sources of literature to demonstrate the breadth of their research.

Candidates should ensure, through discussions with their tutors, that their selected projects are manageable and appropriate for the time period and purpose of this task,

In completion of this module candidates are required to:

• Carry out research to justify and define their projects.
• Consider the possible approaches to the project and justify the selected approach.
• Define the developmental project aims and quantifiable project objectives, with justification.
• Identify the resource and organisational issues associated with the projects.

All research should be appended to this assessment.

All theories, concepts, models and industry examples must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard System

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