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Report for the Minister of Health

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Word limit: 2000
Report for the Minister for Health

You are required to write a report for the NSW Minister for Health to update her about an important health care issue and to provide your recommendations to inform future strategies. Your report should provide appropriate background information, an overview of the latest relevant research and your recommendations about the need for government intervention. All aspects of your report should be informed by relevant research literature, which can include international research.

Topic chosen to focus on in the report:

  • The Minister for Health, NSW, is interested in expanding the availability of telehealth services across NSW.
    • Provide a critical report on the available research evidence for the effectiveness (or otherwise) in terms of patient outcomes and access to health care of telehealth services in Australia and internationally. Include information about the role of registered nurses in the delivery of telehealth services.
    • Provide your brief recommendations in relation to the option of expanding telehealth services across NSW.

You are required to refer to at least twelve (12) appropriate references in your report.

Assessment Criteria

  • Background draws on appropriate information and literature and provides a succinct introduction to and overview of the topic.
  • Your recommendations are clear, precise and well supported by available evidence. Your argument reflects appropriate analysis and synthesis of the relevant research and other available data.
  • The report is well structured, logically sequenced and written in appropriate English.
  • Correct referencing technique throughout

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