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Research Paper

Final Course Reflection

This reflection essay should be 850-1250 words.

In this final reflection, address your knowledge of the writing concepts and practices you developed in this class, and how you imagine repurposing the knowledge and practices you now possess in any future writing.

Specifically, use the prompts below to organize your thinking in two areas equally: your knowledge of the concepts of writing (audience, purpose, rhetorical situation, etc.) and your knowledge about the practices of writing (researching sources, drafting and revision, integration of sources, analysis of research and interpretation of information, etc.). What would you say is most important in terms of concepts and practices for any student writer to understand in order to write effectively in this course and beyond?

Be sure you are addressing all of the writing prompts and add insights beyond these prompts if you want to communicate anything else:

Which concepts of writing will you think about when you’re getting ready to write in future writing situations — for college, a workplace, or writing in everyday life?
Which three concepts of writing do you think will be most important to understand the writing in your discipline or major, or your career once you get there?
Explain the connection between genre and audience when we’re writing.
How does the connection between audience and genre also relate to purpose and context when writing?
Why do you think it might be important for a writer like yourself to understand these rhetorical concepts and in what kinds of situations would it help you to know these concepts? Please give an example from the course.
What was most significant or surprising to you when moving from researching and writing about your topic to analyzing the writing done in your discipline? Did you notice any similarities or differences across those contexts, and what were they?
How do you see yourself as a writer at this point? How does it compare to how you saw yourself as a writer at the beginning of this class? What is the most important insight about yourself as a writer you take with you from this class?
Reflecting on the writing you’ve done over this semester, what are three different things that stand out about what you learned, or about writing you produced? Of those three things, which are your key take-aways from this class? What is one thing you know you have mastered or improved on in your writing?
What do you still have to learn, if there’s one thing you can focus on in your writing? What can you do to keep improving at it?
What would you tell someone just starting out in this class? What would be your advice about what’s most important to learn about writing generally or about themselves as writers?

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